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Concrete Wall

“Conductor John Kennedy led the performance with all the taut mastery it required.”

– San Francisco Chronicle


“John Kennedy led a brisk but fluid performance that brought out the score’s elements with a winning consistency and unflagging energy.”

– The New York Times


“Conductor John Kennedy led Singapore Symphony Orchestra players in soaring musical lines with a propulsive musical intensity.”

– The Financial Times


 “His reading had it all: carefully controlled dynamics, subtle interpretive nuance, a perfect sense of musical line, and a sure knack for unleashing the raw energy and power of his marvelous players where called for.”

– Charleston City Paper


"One of the most spontaneous performances imaginable...Kennedy turned out a vibrant interpretation and his brilliantly alive Spoleto Festival Orchestra blazed with classic elegance. Kennedy is a Mozart conductor to the manor born."

– Charleston Post and Courier


"A brilliant, clear account of the harmonically attractive, rhythmically complex score by John Kennedy...Kennedy’s work and that of his musicians was superb."

– Opera News


“Conductor John Kennedy not only made the demanding, meticulous details of Glass’s score sound easy, but also brought forward a dense emotional richness not heard in Glass since Satyagraha.”

– Gramophone (UK)


“Conductor John Kennedy built the dramatic shape of the score with assurance.”

– The Wall Street Journal


“John Kennedy conducts sensitively, makes the difficult sound easy.”

– The Financial Times


“It was no surprise that the orchestra responded beautifully to Kennedy’s guidance and produced glowing accounts that touched their audience’s hearts, and deeply.”

– Charleston City Paper


“Conductor John Kennedy and his remarkably accomplished young orchestra navigated through the score skillfully and found its last measure of warmth.”

– Opera News


“John Kennedy conducts with precision and with regard for the music’s descriptive power.”

– The Financial Times

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